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C/2017 T2 (PanSTARRS)

C/2017 T2 (PanSTARRS) is a near-parabolic comet that was discovered in 2017. The comet will reach closest-approach tonight (Dec 29th) at ~1.5 AU from earth, and at it's furthest distance (aphelion) it will swing all the way out to 15,000 AU. I grabbed these images last night over a two-hour time period. The orbital period is about 651,000 years so none of us will see this fellow again!

The comet is ~11 magnitude right now, so not visible by eye but maybe with some good binoculars and clear skies.


  • 50x120s Luminance @ 200 gain / 50 offset


  • ASI1600mm Pro
  • Orion 8” f3/9 astrograph
  • AP1100 GTO mount
  • Moonlight focuser
  • ASI120mini and generic 60mm guidescope


  • Bortle 4-4.5 ish
  • Clear skies, “average” seeing, “average” transparency

Pixinsight Processing:

  1. Calibrate, star registration
  2. PixelMath to normalize background on all images to one reference image
  3. ABE
  4. HistogramStretch
  5. Curves
  6. MultiScaleLinearTransform to knock down some noise (since there's no stacking)
  7. Resize, Crop
  8. Blink, create movie, use frames from movie to create gif
  9. Invert subs, re-do step 8 to create inverted gif

(Most of this done in image containers so that all subs could be processed the same)

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